34 Things for my 34th Year 7

34 years ago this afternoon, Gradon Waters (my birth name — I was adopted) was born in Bath, Maine, a wee town of 10,000 or so people over 13 square miles. Charlestown, the neighborhood of Boston I live in, has 4,000 more people in 1/13th the space.

Needless to say, a lot has happened since then.

A lot of things happen every year, don’t they? From births and deaths, to jobs and moves, and everything in between, we are constantly evolving.

In celebration of this not-terribly-monumental birthday (although reaching every new one is an achievement in and of itself, wouldn’t you agree?), I’ve decided to name 34 things that I’m looking forward to in the next 12 months:

  1. Seeing Boston win at least one championship.
  2. Having two teenagers in the house on the weekends (scary, I know.)
  3. Having three different Apple products — MacBook, iPad (maybe?), and iPhone — to choose from personally.
  4. Getting four wheels. And the rest of the car, too.
  5. A warm and dry summer. After the last one (and this winter!), we deserve it.
  6. More time with my parents. Both sets of them.
  7. Seeing my son become a micro entrepreneur (a micropreneur?)
  8. At least 8 hours of sleep a night (not likely, but I can hope.)
  9. Visiting more cities — Austin, Chicago, and San Francisco all sound nice. And maybe a fly-over state or two.
  10. Spending more time with my friends.
  11. Moving from this tiny-yet-charming apartment, into a larger (800 sq. ft? A THOUSAND?), more comfortable space.
  12. 12 more months with this great company I’m contracting with. Some of the most challenging, yet rewarding, social media strategy work I’ve done yet.
  13. More, smaller clients that I can help, too.
  14. Beach time.
  15. Peace (and internet access) in Egypt.
  16. Meeting Meg’s brother… the Eskimo.
  17. More random drives to see whatever we see.
  18. 3 or 4 really good live shows.
  19. Less time waiting for the T.
  20. Meeting more people online, and solidifying those connections offline.
  21. Learning how to dance in a way that doesn’t embarrass Meg.
  22. Weekends on the Cape. Or in Maine.
  23. Having 2/3 less debt than I do today.
  24. 24 more books read.
  25. Watching proportionally less TV.
  26. 52 new blog posts — a weekly schedule helps me turn “off” every once in a while.
  27. Knowing my price, and accepting it.
  28. Spending more time reading words from, listening to, and talking with those that know more than me.
  29. Running more. Or just running, since I’m not doing much of that right now.
  30. Finding more ways to help people.
  31. Writing more.
  32. Seeing at least one game of each: Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots.
  33. Finding out John Cusack was wrong.
  34. Turning a Fowler into a Tripp.

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